Disney in Concert — Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany

Project Description

Disney in Concert, Waldbühne Berlin, Germany, July 2016


Technical Information
System height6.5 m (above stage)
Step between speakers4.5 m
Scene speakers5x KARA arrays
Additional Coverage
Front fillsARCS WiFo
Out fills/Side fillsKIVA
Far fieldsK1
SubwoofersSB28 (mono aux)

I’m very happy to say that using L-ISA is a big step towards more people in the audience experiencing more of the sonic detail connected with what one can see on stage. This imaging clarity is usually only available in full quality to those seated near the middle. Mixing on the L-ISA system was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, and the number of people who complimented the sound this year was a good indication that it was recognised by many.

Holger Schwark, FOH mixing engineer