The L‑ISA Controller is an integrated software suite that serves as the hub for all L‑ISA functionality, enabling object-based mixing along with comprehensive control and programming capabilities. All in a single application.

We designed the touch-friendly user interface in collaboration with leading mixing engineers to ensure a quick workflow and programming capabilities—even for the most demanding concerts and creative applications.

Key Features

  • online / offline editing
  • 2D or 3D loudspeaker layout definition
  • import layouts from L‑Acoustics Soundvision
  • connect to two L‑ISA Processors for full audio redundancy
  • create mono / stereo sources
  • control PAN, WIDTH, DISTANCE, ELEVATION, or AUX SEND for every object
  • unlimited number of Groups, with high-level control such as PAN SPREAD
  • integrated Snapshots engine with cross-fades
  • room engine presets, recalled from Snapshots
  • companion Control plugin for Digital Audio Workstations


The powerful snapshot engine in the L‑ISA Controller supports a wide range of programming options. Edit multiple snapshots in absolute or relative mode to accelerate programming, use snapshots in combination with groups to create multiple simultaneous trajectories, and trigger snapshots triggered Midi Program Change or Midi Time Code (MTC).

The L‑ISA Controller extensive Open Sound Control (OSC) API can access additional advanced programming capabilities through various third-party applications or frameworks.

L‑ISA DeskLink

L‑ISA DeskLink protocol provides a seamless integration of L‑ISA Controls into all major mixing consoles*, allowing engineers to access L‑ISA as an integrated element of their existing workflow.

DeskLink provides advanced functionalities for mixing engineers:

  • control from mono or stereo desk input channels
  • save / recall L‑ISA parameters into the desk’s snapshots engine
  • control of L‑ISA Groups from desk input channels
  • selection sync
  • master volume control on desk

* available on selected partners

L‑ISA Control Plugins

The L‑ISA Control plugin enables the automation capabilities of any major Digital Audio Workstation to position L‑ISA objects or groups.

Used in a Playback rig or for post-production, the L‑ISA Control plugin can record or playback any object positioning parameter in real-time and works on the network to provide maximum setup flexibility.


  • VST3 (Windows / OS X)
  • AAX (Windows / OS X)
  • AU (OS X)
  • AAXDSP (Avid S6L)