The Lab: Panorama Festival — New York City, NY, USA

Project Description

Immersive Experience in the The Lab at Panorama Festival in New York

Sound Design Solution

The L‑ISA design solution is based upon a 360° surrounding and enveloping speaker system. Three layers of groups/speakers consisting of:

  • lower layer of 8 groups of 4 Kiva II plus 16 5XT Near-Fills
  • mid layer of 8 X12
  • upper layer of 6 X12
  • a peak “Voice of God” speaker group of 6 Kiva II
  • 24 SB28 subs in 6 groups of 4


A classic design would use a left/right configuration of 14 K2 with two K1-SB per side, augmented by a centrally-flown hang of eight KS28 subwoofers. An L-ISA design for the Angus and Julie Stone performance consisted of a Scene system of five hangs of 15 Kara each, spaced above the performance zone, providing separation and localization. One flown array of four KS28 subwoofers was placed in front of the center Kara hang, and a fill system of two arrays of 10 Kara was flown left/right and a fill system of 10 X8 coaxials was distributed along the stage lip. The whole system was driven by a total of 27 LA12X Amplified Controllers

In preparation for this event the composers visited our Mixing Room in Westlake to prepare the content for the show.

With the help of Carlos Mosquera – L‑ISA applications engineer – they mixed the content on a scaled down mockup of the dome system. Thanks to the object based mixing approach the mix translated perfectly to the larger system at the festival dome.


Technical Information

A dome with 400 people seated on beanbags immersed in a massive 360° virtual-reality theater.

Dome diameterapprox. 30 meters
Dome heightapprox. 15 meters
Sound Design Target
Program typeCreative/Immersive
SPL max average>= 102 dBA
SPL profile1 dB / 10 m
Frequency contour10 – 16 dB (@ 100Hz)


L-ISA Coverage

Strong Imaging

Weak Imaging